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Maths Box Aqua

Product Description

To become adept at problem-solving, children need to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the Australian Curriculum. Today, modern problem-solving and assessments, both locally and nationally, are more than number sentences or basic questions. Modern Problem-solving often requires children to interpret visual texts and literary data as well as display sound mathematical ability.

With this in mind the Maths Box Aqua has been developed to provide meaningful strategy and problem-solving support that will engage the children in many real-life situations across all strands of the Australian Curriculum. Children will be immersed in a huge variety of problem-solving situations they can relate to.


Key Features:

  • Suitable for Years 5 to 6/7
  • Allows for in-depth study of a topic by providing sets of graded cards developing the topic being taught
  • 30 Australian Curriculum topic card sets addressing all strands of:
    • Number and Algebra
    • Measurement and Geometry
    • Statistics and Probability
  • Great for individualised learning, group or whole class instruction
  • Enormously varied and engaging content
  • Content grouped in sets for in-depth learning
  • Laminated cards that are larger than A4
  • Strategy and concept cards graded from 1 to 10
  • Diagnostic quizzes to assist teachers with assessments or pinpoint weaknesses
  • Provides easily found quality continuum or curriculum content
  • Useful for gifted and talented students
  • Student progress charts are provided allowing both the teacher and student to track their progress in the box

$924.00 (inc. $84.00 GST)


Maths Box Aqua

A Closer Look at Maths Box Aqua


Using maths box aqua

  • Teacher grades students into the box accordingly.
  • The student always starts on card 1 of the allocated topic. The cards must be completed in order of 1 to 10 as they are graded in a learning sequence.
  • The card is marked by the student.
  • The student fills in their personal progress chart.

Topics Covered in Maths Box Aqua

Card Front

  • Length
  • Area
  • Volume
  • Mass
  • Time
  • 3D Objects and Angles
  • 2D Shapes and Transformations
  • Location and Cartesian Planes
  • Number Story Investigations
  • Chance and Data 2
  • Visual Problems
  • Multi-step Problems 1
  • Open-ended Investigations
  • Conceptual Problems
  • Multi-step Problems 2

Card Back

  • Number and Place Value
  • Addition Strategies
  • Subtraction Strategies
  • Multiplication Strategies
  • Division Strategies
  • Fractions and Decimals 1
  • Money and Financial Mathematics
  • Chance and Data 1
  • Fractions and Decimals 2
  • Patterns and Algebra 1
  • Fractions and Decimals 3
  • Patterns and Algebra 2
  • Integers and Indices
  • Diagnostic Quizzes 1
  • Diagnostic Quizzes 2

Sample Cards


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