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Australian Curriculum Year 3 to 5 NAPLAN
Highly motivational, multi-levelled and multi-topic
Great for individuals or groups
Expansive 300 activities over 30 topic sets
Problem solving - open-ended investigations
                        - number story investigation
                        - multi-step problems
                        - conceptual problems
Numerous number strategies addressed
Teacher's book providing content descriptions, curriculum links, teacher notes and blackline masters

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Developing Inferential Reading Skills
All text types
inferential, literal, critical and interpretive questioning
Making predictions about texts/text endings
Visualising – Creating mental images
Summarising – Reviewing meaning
Making connections between students’ own experiences
Story elements – characters, setting and plot
Monitoring meaning

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Students will:

Analyse the problem
Select strategies
Apply strategies
Check solutions
Gain confidence
Books 3 to 6 available
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  Treats complex concepts in bite sized steps
Includes punctuation
Text types used to consolidate the use of grammar in context
Fabulous full colour design
National testing style reviews
Functional and traditional grammar
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All text types
Self managing
High interest texts
Great for all readers including reluctant readers
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  • High frequency spelling lists 
Phonics activities 
Grammar and punctuation activities 
NAPLAN style questions 
Key learning area words 
Difficult words 
Stimulating activities presented in a full colour, beautifully illustrated book
Written by best-selling author Harry O'Brien
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  Foundation handwriting style
Books K-6 available
Beautifully illustrated
Fun activities
Assessment pages
Proudly written and typeset by the T4T team
Chief author Steve Murray is an experienced primary school teacher and talented artist
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  • Expertly sequenced P through 6
• Engaging subject matter
• Victorian Modern Cursive
• Contains assessment material
• Stunning graphics
• Fun drills and exercises
• CD-ROM for whiteboard use
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  Expertly sequenced 1 through 7
Engaging subject matter
Uses red and blue guidelines
Uses official Queensland handwriting font
Stunning graphics
Fun drills and exercises
Contains assessment material
CD-ROM for whiteboard use
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  This Mathematics product bridges the gap between the end of Year 6 and the beginning of Year 7, up to and including the Year 7 NAPLAN TEST.  Being administered after only a couple of months in high school the NAPLAN 7 results for many children in Maths are often lower than their results in Year 5.    
  This product will take children to a new level of understanding in Mathematics that will prepare them for the type of questions they may face in the significantly harder Year 7 NAPLAN tests.    
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